About us

Charlie Waynick is a lifelong resident of Greensboro. After quite a few years in the suit and tie corporate world, he knew his real calling was a profession where the work of his hands would yield dramatic results on a daily basis. Waynick Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning was born out of Charlie’s need for this kind of personal satisfaction in a job well done. After you have become a Waynick customer, you will understand the difference his passion for cleaning and restoration makes!
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We are Certified, boneded and insured.
• We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
• We are certified by the National Power Washers Association
• We have served our Greensboro neighbors for six years!
• We always strive for perfection!
• We give meticulous attention to detail!
• We use the most up-to-date methods and damage-free chemical cleaners.
• We have invested the time and resources to become experts, learning the proper methods to protect your largest investment, your home or business.